Whether you're a six-cylinder, eight-cylinder, or 10-cylinder guy or gal, BMW's got you covered. At least when we're talking about the legendary M5.

The M5 has been around for quite some time now and while we've seen it go through a proper evolution — and even a revolution — it's very cool to see four consecutive generations lined up and their owners giving them the beans. At a recent BMW event, M5 owners gathered the fearsome foursome for a sound off.

While I am sure many of you would be happy taking home ANY of the following M5s, we do want to know: WHICH M5 do you think sounds BEST?

It won't be an easy choice, folks. But someone's gotta do it.

Check out the clip below and weigh in!

BMW M5 E34 M5 E39 M5 E60 M5 F10 Sound

VIDEO: BMW M5 Sound OFF! E34 vs. E39 vs. E60 vs. F10 — WHICH Gets YOUR Vote?

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