As usual, Agent 001 and I were conversing about the automotive landscape this past weekend when he raised an interesting point.

Should BMW have named the 2016 BMW 340i the 350i?

It may seem like an insignificant point when you realize it's simply a nomenclature thing, but 001 does have a bit of credence. When you look around, you'll note that the latest and greatest Mercedes-Benz shipping will be the C450, and the tried and true Lexus IS 350/ES 350 will still net a significant amount of buyers.

From a marketing perspective, it's an interesting "what if," no doubt. But, to me, I seem to think that buyers aren't overly obsessed with the nomenclature details. They determine what they can afford in each company's respective hierarchy — 3-Series, C-Class, IS/ES, etc. — and test drive the models until they find a product that meets their power needs.

Having said that, what do YOU say, Spies?

Is the 340i name A OK or should BMW have given it a stronger nomenclature to combat the latest and greatest competition in the market?

Does The NEW 2016 BMW 340i Seem LESS Powerful Than Cars Like The Mercedes C450 And Lexus IS 350?

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