One of the great things about forums is that it bubbles up to the surface interesting stories about the people behind the cars. While it's always interesting to hear about an executive's life behind his 911 or M3, it's even better to hear how someone's passion was fueled.

Sometimes it was a gearhead father or a grandfather who raced in his off time. Sometimes it's just someone who cultivated a love for a brand via ridealongs at an early age.

And sometimes it's a user from Istanbul that shares their BMW collection, and their cars' stories that puts you in a state of awe. One particular BMW forum user did just that and I have to admit it's a nice threesome. That's because Bimmerpost user Clubber recently showed off and told the story of his three BMW M cars:

- An E30 M3
- An M Coupe
- An E46 M3 CSL

Pretty tough combination to beat, however, I am curious: IF you had a three-car garage full of BMW products, WHICH THREE would it be?

Can you do better than our friend Clubber?

Just wanted to say hi and share my cars, '87 E30 M3 (Henna), '00 M Coupé (Junior) and '04 E46 M3 CSL (Cesil). Of course they are nowhere as impressive as some of the builds and collection I saw here but, I have a feeling that this crowd would appreciate them more than any place else.

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What Does Your IDEAL BMW Garage Look Like? IF You Had Three Bimmers, WHICH Three Would It Be?

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