It wasn’t that long ago that Tesla broke into the market and created a segment that no one else believed even existed. Brands like Tesla are disruptor, they defy the odds and succeed when others promise certain failure.  While disruptors are great at starting markets, not too many can maintain a death grip as the competition responds with alternatives.

Enter the Porsche Mission E, or more commonly known as the German “Model-S Decimator”.  If looks alone could kill, the Model-S might already be a dead duck, but this baby isn’t out just quite yet.  Part of the allure of the Model-S was that it looked like nothing else on the market, and we believe the Mission-E addresses that non-cookie cutter look as well.  There is no question you have arrived if you pull up silently in this beast to the country club.

But is it as simple as sext looks, 600 HP, suicide doors and a premium nameplate?

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)


#IAA: If Looks Could Kill Has The Porsche Mission E Already TRUMPED The Tesla Model S?

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