Have you ever asked yourself how Telsa got to where it is today?  Part of the appeal we guess is that it looks like nothing else on the road.  As the local Tesla club shows up at Cars and Coffee car shows each month the locals that ogle over the Model S are enamored over the wizardry of that big screen in the center stack.

It doesn’t matter if it is practical, it combines a clean, minimal and futuristic look a generation that grew up on Star Trek sequels crave.  The Model S is their Starship Enterprise (or as close as they will ever get), and they are ready to play the part of captain.   Fantasy comes to life so to speak.

The Porsche Mission e holds up well compared to the Model S on the outside but the inside is a different and more practical approach.  Yes it is still a Starship, but far from the Enterprise,.

So peeking past those sexy clamshell doors will the average Tesla buyer going to appreciate a practical approach or be turned off by the seemingly more business like Mission e?  What about you?

 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)


#IAA: Peeking Past Those Clamshell Doors Does The Mission E Have What It Takes To Put All Other EV Cars In The Rearview Mirror?

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