As I've written time and time again, we're big fans of the Porsche 911. The car has it all and we're interested to see how the Stuttgart-based auto manufacturer is going to one up the 991.

Before we get there though, we noticed one thing in particular. Well, that one thing just so happened to be a specific car on display in Frankfurt.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

Rather than show a dark blue, black or silver 911, Porsche made sure to bring something vivacious to the show. That, my friends, is the refreshed 991 in a color called Miami Blue.

It sure may be a bit loud but we reckon it's a vast improvement from a dull blue with an even duller grey interior for a show car.

Having said that, 001 made sure to snap away a slew of shots so we could ask you one thing: Do YOU think the 911 in MIAMI BLUE is AWESOME or AWFUL?

Weigh in, Spies!

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

#IAA: AWESOME or AWFUL? How Do YOU Like The Porsche 911 In MIAMI BLUE?

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