As the Porsche 911 has evolved over time, it's a game of inches not miles. With every generation there's a slight nip/tuck here, perhaps an increase in size there and an all-new addition over yonder.

These cars continue to push the boundaries with every new release. For the 991 generation, we're seeing the Mark II variant step out for the first time.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

**Read the newly revamped Porsche 911 press release HERE!

While we've shown you the newly revamped 911 previously, we wanted to take another dip and show you MORE real-life pictures of the refreshed car.

Check out 001's snaps for some pics of the vehicle's details. This includes things like the new rear grille, taillights, headlights, door handles, exhausts, steering wheel, etc.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

#IAA: MORE Pictures Of Porsche's Newly Revamped 911 (991) — Do The SMALL Changes Make A BIG Enough Difference For YOU?

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