When news first broke about Ferrari debuting a "cheap" Ferrari in form of the California, Tifosi across the globe were mortified. How could Ferrari make a cheap car?

Well, for those who think that was the company's intention it certainly missed the mark. The California is NOT a cheap car.

Having just had a California T on loan from Ferrari North America I will say it is an exceptionally done product, but it's not your typical Ferrari. Much like the FF it is more of a luxury vehicle than an all-out sports car like the 458 Spider I experienced. More on that another time.

The latest happenings going on in Maranello indicate that two projects are ongoing. First, the hardcore F12 GTO/Versione Speciale is about to launch and, in addition, it's clear a new vehicle is undergoing R&D. Considered the follow up to the vintage Dino 206/246, expectations are running high that the Prancing Horse will give the much adored original a rebirth.

And if you look at the latest spy shots that we have, it's looking like all signs are pointing to "yes."

Equipped with a 458 Italia's body, it seems like the all-new sports car will be similar in size. However, if you check it out from the B-Pillar area you'll note it's kind of thrown together. Most Ferrari prototypes are a bit bootleg but this one has some oddities you cannot miss.

First, check out the massive intake. Second, note there is no exhaust exiting the body — we think this is a good indication the all-new car will be quite a bit smaller than the 458. Obviously, this would keep the Dino true to its lineage as a super small, purpose-built sports car. Last, but not least, the individual who snapped these shots noted that this prototype did not have the V8 sound of a 458 or the 488 that was in convoy with the Dino.

We know Ferrari has been toying with the development of six-cylinder mills for both Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Seems like the time's right for it to take those lessons learned and apply it in one of its own cars.

After all that, what do YOU make of Ferrari's latest prototype vehicle?

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