You know, it's funny. For a handful of years now one of the most commonly asked questions when comparing the Porsche Cayman to the Porsche 911 is "Has the Cayman finally surpassed the 911?"

The short answer? Yes.

I've already made this known since I drove the second-gen Cayman S and named it my number one pick for the Top 007 of 2013.

While other publications are still asking the same stupid question, to me anything beyond the current-gen Cayman S is just a bonus. It's the cherry on top, essentially. And now we have the Cayman GT4. Oh, boy!

Since I haven't gotten behind the wheel I will have to live vicariously through XCAR who recently had the chance to make the GT4 dance. Check out what our British friends had to say about one of the latest — and greatest — Porsches.

With the Cayman GT4 Porsche have finally delivered the Cayman we always wanted. Is it better than a 911?

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Porsche Cayman GT4, Probably The PUREST Porsche Being Made Today

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