Over the years it's been a true joy to watch Pagani grow as a serious supercar manufacturer. Not only are Horacio Pagani's gifts — his vehicles — splendidly fast, they're also nearly pieces of art.

I say this because of Pagani's tremendous amount of detail. Simply put, I am pretty sure no one even comes close to what the Argentinian has accomplished with cars like the Zonda and Huayra.

But the Huayra's legacy is only getting started. Remember how many iterations there were of the outrageous Zonda? Hell, there's probably more coming down the pipe and we don't know it yet. Since the Huayra's debut we haven't seen anything else come about but it seems it's just on the horizon.

This week footage was posted on the web of an all-new Huayra testing at an Italian track. Clearly sporting camouflage, a massive carbon fiber rear spoiler as well as what appears to be a more serious rear diffuser, this Huayra is not like the others.

We're not sure what Pagani has in store but we're thinking it's going to be brutal. Just listen to its sound as the car launches and pulls into the garage. It sounds completely raw and uncorked!

YouTube user PurePerformance has caught a camouflaged Pagani Huayra with a huge carbon fiber spoiler testing at the San Martino del Lago race track in Italy. Judging from the massive fixed wing, the more aggressive front splitter, and massive rear diffuser, this could be a hardcore track-only version or a Pagani Huayra S or SE. The car also sounds quite different from other Huayras, meaning the engine and/or exhaust has been tweaked.

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