I think most people would agree that Mercedes-Benz's all-new S-Class Coupe is a stunning product to look at. With its very streamlined shape and elegant lines, we have to say that the S550 Coupe is a particularly classy automobile. And if you want the more sporting variants, the S65 certainly brings a more aggressive look to the table.

Of course though, some enthusiasts are always left wanting MORE. That's where the aftermarket comes into play.

2015 SEMA Show

Seen for the very first time at the 2015 SEMA Show is a widebody S63 Coupe. While I even find myself cringing at the thought on paper, I must admit that the vehicle looks pretty good in Agent 001's pics. Although some widebody projects can become overkill, I think this one looks quite complementary to the original design.

If anything, the fenders remind me of the last-gen CL-Class, which had the bulges.

Having said all that, check out the S63 AMG widebody, below!

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2015 SEMA Show

#SEMA2015: FIRST Pics Of The World's FIRST Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Widebody — Two Thumbs UP or DOWN?

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