When I think of the SoCal car culture, I think it's hard to find a better representative than the lowrider. THINK: Where else in the world are lowriders as prevalent and so fanciful?


2015 SEMA Show

As I noted in this year's first SEMA Show story, this is an event that has something for everyone. So, if you've been looking to see vintage Chevrolet Impalas, Lincolns and even a Pontiac GTO given the lowrider treatment, look no further!

What's especially nutty about these rides that 001 captured is their fully redone interiors. While I expected some dressing up, it's clear that these vehicles have been fully revamped top to bottom with unique gauge clusters, center stacks and, in some cases, infotainment displays.

See for yourself, below!

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2015 SEMA Show

#SEMA2015: Get LOW! The Lowriders Are Aired Out And Opened Up To Show Off Their HARDWARE Just For YOU!

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