While the 2015 SEMA Show may have been a truckfest, there were some cars in attendance. Out of that selection, there were — surprisingly — a decent amount of vintage rides that varied from bone stock to tricked out retromods.

This is SEMA. There's something for everyone here.

2015 SEMA Show

Having said that, Agent 001 did a stellar job of covering the gamut. From a staggering retromod Cadillac to a super clean Ford Mustang to a Volkswagen bus that was slammed, there truly is an ass for every seat. Personally, I have to admit that there's something about that widebody, race-ready Camaro that I can't stop taking my eye off of.

Check out the collection of vintage rides via 001's snaps, below!

The 2015 SEMA Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

2015 SEMA Show

#SEMA2015: Respect Your Elders! You HAVE TO See The Insane Vintage Rides From The SEMA Show! Retromods, Bad-Ass Pick Ups And MORE!

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