In the car world, it's tough to come by all-new and truly special automobiles. In an age where electric everything is the norm and electronics are hampering the pure driving experience, it seems the real die-hards are sticking to the classics.

Just there's been a twist.

Now there's a flurry of manufacturers catering to deep pockets by taking old-school rides and producing coach-built monsters. One of the best examples of this is Singer Vehicle Design who takes Porsche 911s and can do anything a Porschephile would like. Their work is truly masterful. As a car geek I follow its Instagram to just take in all of dizzying detail it puts into each and every vehicle that leaves its shop.

But there aren't many of them running around. It may have something to do with the outlandish costs to acquire a SVD car. The reality is if you want the closest thing to perfection, you're going to have to write a big check.

Having said that, Evo Magazine based abroad had the chance to drive a right-hand-spec car and give us the dirty details as to what makes a Singer so special.

Have a look-see, below!

Singer and its remarkable road cars need little introduction, so sit back and enjoy as Dickie Meaden enjoys the LA firms’s latest offering.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Capturing The MAGIC Of A SINGER 911 — What's It REALLY Like?

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