After recently posting my review of the Lamborghini Huracan, I was left wondering. If I had the coin to do so and I was about to embark on purchasing a piece of high-end exotica, WHICH one would I choose?

At this point I've driven a lot and while I will be the first to admit that the driving experience would come first and foremost, I can't swipe design to the wayside completely. I LOVE great design.

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These days it seems that when it comes to exotica there's two trains of thought: manufacturers either go rigid and angular, or they choose to go with more free flowing lines that have their own allure.

As with anything that's design-related, there is not a right and a wrong. It's purely subjective.

Having said that though, I am a bit curious: WHICH strikes YOUR fancy? The angular and angry designs or the sensual and seductive designs?

Let us know in the comments below!

Lamborghini Huracan

Ferrari 458 Spider

CAR WARS! Design Edition: Would You Rather Have A Car That's ANGULAR And ANGRY, Or, A Car That's SENSUAL And SEDUCTIVE?

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