You know, It's funny. You bump into the most interesting people at auto shows. At this year's 2015 New York Auto Show (NYIAS) I stumbled upon McLaren's Chief Designer at another automaker's stand. He was checking out an all-new design.

Noticing that this gentleman was sporting a Bell & Ross, I struck up conversation and now he is a friend of AutoSpies.

Turns out he just dropped a bombshell to the U.K.-based Autocar. He has said that McLaren will not be going any lower than the Sport Series models — 570S, 540C for the Chinese market. According to Robert Melville, the chief designer, the company doesn't want to dip its toes in anything less than the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 market.

While that's interesting news, we're far more intrigued by what he said later on. According to Autocar there will be a third variant of the 570S and it will feature "grand tourer-style bodywork." What that means, I have absolutely no idea. Melville leaves us with a peculiar quote — "the big challenge on this car is making the doors work on different bodystyles."

Care to wager a bet on what McLaren is working on next? Hazard a guess in the comments, Spies!

...Although McLaren is looking to attract a larger audience with its new entry-level models, it wants to retain an element of high-end appeal.

“[A Cayman rival] is a step too far. That is not exclusive enough for us,” said McLaren’s chief designer, Robert Melville. “You look at Ferrari. They are coming from very high end. This [the 570S] is stretching us down to R8s and 911s and is as low as we’d want to come..."

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McLaren's Chief Designer Sets The Record Straight As To How Low McLaren Will Go + A BONUS!

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