It's pretty hard not to get jealous of Jay Leno and his program, Jay Leno's Garage. This is because Leno gets access to a slew of vehicles that are, frankly, tough to get a handle on.

A perfect example of this: The Legacy Classic Trucks' Dodge Power Wagon.

Though you may have seen retromods on Leno's program previously, this one is a bit different. That's because this isn't a hotrod masking as a derelict station wagon. This Dodge Power Wagon is a 6x6 that's meant to be a bit of a workhorse. After all, that's what it was originally created for.

There's just one thing: it looks super cool doing it.

Watch the FULL episode of Jay Leno's Garage, below!

This WC63 will amaze you! Legacy Classic Trucks' Winslow Bent takes Jay through the derelict troop transport he modded into a true, 8,000-pound 6x6 which will go and go and go forever.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Jay Leno Meets A 6x6 Retromod That'll Have YOU Salivating...

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