It was only hours ago that we saw the Lexus LC 500 for the first time. While we thought it was going to look quite good thanks to the LF-LC concept, we had NO idea it was going to look nearly identical to it.

Simply put, the all-new LC 500 is one of the most true production vehicles that lived up to the greatness of the concept it was based on. We wager it may be one of the HOTTEST cars to debut at the NAIAS event.

BUT, with the good comes the bad.

It's only been hours since the LC 500 rocked the Detroit Auto Show and aftermarket tuners are already dreaming up how they can modify the LC. After seeing one example, it's clear that the problem is that the LC looks stunning in OE form. To us, the black and bronze example put together by VIP Auto takes the car down a peg or two. Perhaps several.

Take a look and see what we mean, below. Let us know in the comments below: has this LC been 'douched up?'

Lexus Debuts One Of The MOST Gorgeous Cars Ever At #NAIAS And Within Hours Third Parties Try To 'Douche' Its Beauty

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