If there's one thing we've been noticing for the past couple of years, it's that the sedan as we know it is a tired form factor for the automobile as we know it. Think about it: how many variations have we seen come out as of late?

There's four-door coupes like the CLS, hatchback things like the A7, four-door sport-utility vehicle coupes like the X6, and then there's just coupes as you usually know them. It seems like that's just the start of it as new niches are created annually.

In addition to this, there's absolutely NO question that if there was was segment to pick when it came to sales growth it would go to SUVs. To be more specific, compact SUVs.

AND, pick-up truck sales are also on the rise. More specifically, the luxury editions that are kitted out and selling at prices above $55,000.

It was sort of a running joke when Agent 001 and I would walk into an auto show he'd state "IF sedans completely disappeared and ONLY crossovers, SUVs and Trucks were left, would ANYONE care?" This was because the show floors have become more and more SUV and truck-centric.

After this year's Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) though, we want to know: would YOU care?

IF Sedans Completely Disappeared And Only Crossovers, SUVs and Trucks Were Left, Would ANYONE In The USA Care?

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