As is the standard these days, I have a pretty heavy rotation of press vehicles. Of course it depends on how many products I want to book, but as I am diligent it is pretty common to be getting in and out of all-new vehicles on a weekly basis.

To be straightforward, when I swap vehicles it does take a lot for me to be caught off guard. But, it just happened.

Yesterday I received the all-new BMW 7-Series and while I've seen the vehicle inside and out — thank you, Agent 001 — it's a completely different experience in the flesh. It's off the charts.

The technology is incredibly well thought out. The only way to describe its interior is "on point." Its back seat that's spacious, filled with a fragrance and features a tablet is just overwhelming.

The all-new 7 is good. It's damn good. And I haven't even fully experienced its driving dynamics yet.

Having said that, Spies, I was curious: Which all-new vehicles have completely caught you off guard — in a good way — in the past 12 months? We want to know names and details! Let us know in the comments below!

The GREAT Debate: What All-New Vehicle Caught You COMPLETELY Off Guard In The Past 12 Months?

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