When it comes to halo cars, they're always the vehicles that are the flagship models. They're hard to come by when new and even tougher to acquire when used.

That's because many of them aren't well kept and, of course, some are going to get crashed.

For BMW, two models of recent memory that commanded a serious amount of attention were the two-door roadster, the Z8, and the all-new hybrid electric vehicle, the i8. Both had completely different approaches.

The Z8 was a retro design that stayed true to BMW's DNA of simplicity: a manual gearbox and good driving dynamics.

The i8 was the antithesis of this with its hybrid electric powertrain and three-cylinder, gas-fed motor. As expected from a mid-engine setup, it drives like a dream. But, rather than look into the past, the i8 looks to the future.

That said, all of this got us thinking: What will be worth MORE on the used market in 20 years? The i8 or the Z8?

CAR WARS! 20 Years From Today, What Will Be Worth MORE On The Used Market? i8 vs. Z8

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