In the world of high-end, large luxury sedans there really are only three choices right now. You have the Audi A8, the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. There's just one problem: while the Audi remains competitive, it is long in the tooth.

That means you really only are looking at the 7-Series and the S-Class.

Having just driven the 7-Series and after having a lot of time in the S, I must admit this would be an awfully tough decision to make if it were presented to me. Both cars are excellent and really pushing the boundaries of what each company is branded to be. Here's the rub though. They're both different. It comes down to the subjectivity of what the buyer wants to really justify the purchase.

To see what exactly CNET thinks, you should check out the following clip. Remember, CNET is super geeked out about technology and, frankly, both cars are tech tour de forces.

...To start, both are phenomenal cars. As they should be, given how much they cost. Both are immensely safe, powerful and modern machines.

Of the two, the Mercedes is slightly more comforting. The seats are softer, the ride is more compliant, and overall, it's the more isolating experience. The BMW is also plenty comfortable, amazingly so in fact, but it's slightly more aggressive in terms of feel and a bit more progressive in terms of technology.

For the driver's car -- and for a tech-lover's car -- we have to give the nod to the BMW...

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CAR WARS! The Biggest And Baddest Large Luxury Sedans Slug It Out — BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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