If you were impressed by what you saw from today's earlier thread on the Tesla Model X, well then hold on to your hats. Much like the Model S, this seven person hauler isn't just a one dimensional machine.

It can also do some serious drag racing.

While many videos have popped up on YouTube showing all-new Model S owners giving passengers the ride of a lifetime, we're interested what's going to start popping up when people start giving third-row passengers a ride to remember.

To demonstrate just how fast and capable the all-new Model X really is, a husband and wife team went to Florida's Palm Beach International Raceway with their Model S to see how it holds up.

Scope out the clip, below!

Watch the all new Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous set a world record with a first time driver for the quickest SUV while it races the Model S in an all out drag racing shootout.

VIDEO: Tesla Drag Race! Model S vs. Model X In STUNNING Showdown

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