In the luxury car game, there's always an argument for which vehicle is the best. Of course it is largely a subjective thing these days as it's tough to find a bad product, but one element that gets a lot of attention is sales.

And you can't argue against numbers. You either move more volume or you don't.

Our Canadian friends recently compiled a list of the Top 10 luxury vehicles global sales numbers. Out of the Top 10 listed below, WHICH three vehicles are your favorites?

See the list, below:

10) Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
9) BMW 4-Series
8) Mercedes-Benz A-Class
7) BMW 1-Series
6) BMW X5
5) Audi A4
4) Mercedes-Benz E-Class
3) BMW 3-Series
2) Audi A3
1) Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Big, mainstream automotive brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Volkswagen continued to sell the most popular new models globally in 2015. When it came to luxury brands, vehicles from Germany’s Big Three — Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz — dominated the sales charts.

For the fifth year in a row, the BMW brand sold the most luxury cars and trucks on the planet in 2015. And with Mercedes-Benz nudging third-place Audi for second, it’s no surprise models from these three automakers filled up our list of the top 10 best-selling luxury vehicles in the world for 2015...

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Top 10 Selling Luxury Vehicles In The World. From The List, WHICH Are Your Top 3?

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