Here's the thing about getting a BMW M car: They come in special colors. While BMW typically makes sure every M vehicle has a palette of standard colors you can find on any other BMW — e.g., Alpine White — the Bavarians have also been sure to offer each M car with a specific palette you cannot find on its standard vehicles.

With the BMW M3 and M4 there's Austin Yellow — pictured. The M6 has San Marino Blue, which is a brilliant blue hue. The X5M and X6M, and now M2, offer Long Beach Blue.

That said, we were just a wee bit curious: IF you were going to pick up an all-new BMW M car, would you opt for the bold and exclusive color, OR would you wimp out and go for a standard colored M car?

What say you, Spies?

IF You Were Getting A BMW M Car, Would YOU Get A UNIQUE Color Or Would You Wimp Out?

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