The Geneva  Motor Show (GIMS) is always a big show for Volkswagen Auto Group (VWAG). The thing is though, we expect it to bring forward some BIG guns. Some really interesting vehicles that will be game changers.

Instead, we get this. The Phideon.

Geneva Motor Show

While we’re hoping there’s more going on than what meets the eye, according to reports this Ph-whatever will be aimed at the wealthy Chinese marketplace. Although the name suggests that it is a replacement for the Phaeton, word on the street says it isn’t. If you ask us, the Phideon looks like a  U.S.-market Passat that’s been juiced up with some luxury hardware.

One example of this luxury slant is the chauffeur mode. Apparently it allows rear passengers to control infotainment functions. Talk about a back seat driver.

We’re hoping to see more pictures of the Phideon. Not necessarily because we’re interested, mostly because we want to laugh.

That said, check out the snaps that have been released, below.

Geneva Motor Show

#GIMS: Volkswagen Is Taking A Swing At The Chinese Market With The Phideon — Can It Hang?

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