Nissan's luxury division, Infiniti, has always been an interesting company to follow. That's because it always has something intriguing going on, in the works and some of its products really connect with the market.

Others though tend to be complete misses.

When the Japanese luxury brand decided it was time to replace the hugely successful G37 we wondered what the company had up its sleeve. We expected excellent steering and performance, which is what made the G37 eclipse the benchmark BMW 3-Series for a period of time.

What the company delivered, however, was far from ideal. It had an awful steering setup, technology that was more annoying than easy to use — which was the company's calling card (easy-to-use tech) — and a rather meh interior.

It was a total let down. It was so bad I named it one of my Top 007 Biggest Disappointments for 2014.

But the company is trying to recover with a new model variant and updated steering rack. Dubbed the Red Sport 400, it features a 400 horsepower engine. Starting price? A cool $48,855* for the rear-wheel drive variant and $50,855* for all-wheel drive.

*This price does not reflect title, taxes and fees.

At this pricing though we're left wondering: Does the Q50 Red Sport 400 catch YOUR attention and will you be heading to a local dealer to check one out, or are you NOT interested?

What say you, Spies?

OFFICIAL: The Infiinti Q50 Red Sport 400 Starts At Nearly $49,000 — Does THIS Much HP At This $ Get YOUR Attention?

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