One of the vehicle's that's been getting a lot of recent attention is the all-new BMW M2. Some have called it the reboot of the old-school style of the Bavarian brand.

I can get that. I've seen it first-hand myself with the 1M, which was brilliant. I still am searching for my car — it's been about 12 months now. Now that the M2 is here though, perhaps I don't need to wait for a 1M though.

Recently, Top Gear was able to get its hands on the all-new M2, the 1M, an E30 M3 and a 2002. All of these vehicles have something in common: They're highly desirable and really speak to BMW and the way it used to do things.

These days there's no question that you will not be persuaded by the latest-gen steering racks or ride quality. They all feel quite a bit like the competition and are not truly differentiated. The aforementioned rides though are what made the blue and white what it is today.

Can the M2 live up to its elders though? It's a tough pair of shoes to fill but Top Gear lets us know what the deal is.

Simply put, the answer seems to be a resounding yes.

Jigginess is a price worth paying, though. The M2 immediately feels like a car in which you can do very serious business indeed. The driving position is perfect, the wheel is the familiar fat-rimmed M job that some people grumble about but I personally love, and there’s Alcantara and stitching and a general, overwhelming sense of M-ness.

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DRIVEN: The BMW M2 Meets Its Elders — Now Does It Pay Proper Respect?

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