At a recent event, BMW corporate pulled together a few icons. If you haven't noticed, BMW as of late has been really embracing its elder vehicles.

You know what the sticker says: "Respect your elders."

Rare BMW M3s and M4 GTS

It could have to do with the fact these vehicles speak to consumers and it also could have to do with the company's launch of its vintage division. For the launch of the all-new M4 GTS, the Bavarians brought together the following:

- E30 M3 Evo
- E36 M3 GT
- E46 M3 CSL
- E92 M3 GTS
- All-new M4 GTS

That's a helluva selection to choose from and if you ask us there's not exactly a clear winner here. Each vehicle has its pros and cons, as well as its own place in BMW history.

But we're going to pose a hypothetical situation here. Let's say you had room for only ONE in your fleet, WHICH one would YOU choose?

"All" is not an acceptable answer.

Rare BMW M3s and M4 GTS

YOU Decide: Which RARE BMW M3 Or M4 Would YOU Want All To Yourself?

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