In recent months we've been seeing a ton of peculiar drag races. Some it's blatantly obvious who the winner will be. We almost wonder what's the point of these exercises.

Sure, you can see just how fast "x" is compared to "y" but if it's not even a fair contest, who cares?

That said, we've got something that's a bit more intriguing. At least we think it inspires a bit more curiosity than Adam Levine getting rear ended in his Model X by a Ferrari.

That's because someone decide to line up an all-new Tesla Model X P90D against the likes of the Ferrari F430 Spider.

As we're all well aware of at this point, Tesla's vehicles can be insanely fast off the line thanks to the electric-powered automobiles' instant torque; however, it seems to be that they can't compete once the speeds ratchet up.

Let's see how this one ends up, Spies! Check out the clip, below!

How does the Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous hold up against a Ferrari F430? Check out the 3 races in this video...

VIDEO: DRAG RACE! What Happens When You Line Up A Tesla Model X P90D With A Ferrari F430 Spider?

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