This year is a momentous one for BMW. The blue and white is celebrating 100 years and, like any automaker marking its centennial, it's a BIG deal.

Arguably the most important BMW that helped shape the Bavarian brand into what it is today, is the 3-Series sedan. For eons, this vehicle has been the go-to choice is you have some jingle in your pocket and you want a practical sedan that will put a smile on your face.

It's got accolades out the door and around the block. People adore these vehicles. After Donut Media created an animated short about the history of the Porsche 911, it solicited readers to submit ideas for the next video. It went to the 3.

Considering there is SO much automotive history surrounding the 3'er, I'd recommend that you take a few minutes of your schedule and click the "Play" button, below!

Let us know which 3'er is YOUR favorite!

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Like this? Watch the evolution of the Porsche 911 here:

The BMW 3 series was brought to market in 1975, and has become a stable of the auto industry ever since. The car has become the benchmark for sporty compact sedan excellence, and has been listed 22 times in a row on Car and Driver’s Top Ten list (1992-2014), the longest consecutive streak ever for the magazine.

VIDEO: Take A Walk Down Memory Lane As This Animation Goes Through The HISTORY Of The BMW 3-Series

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