There's nothing like a V12 motor. And, it only gets better when you bring the likes of Ferrari into the picture. The legendary, Italian supercar manufacturer knows how to do one thing well: Make its vehicles sound amazing. 


Here's the thing though. Many Ferrari owners still baby their rides. Unless you live in SoCal or Miami, where the rental units adorn every corner, typically you won't hear many F cars. That's because they're safely tucked away in their garage. 


We like guys and girls that take their treasures out and stretch their legs. 


As one famous Ferrari owner has said — and I am paraphrasing — "Not driving my Ferrari is like not having sex with my girlfriend to keep her in great shape for her next boyfriend." 


In this clip you get to hear the Ferrari F12 Tour de France at full tilt as it goes around Spa-Francorchamps. 


Dial up the volume, Spies!

Enjoy the extraordinary sound of the Ferrari F12 'TourDeFrance' V12 at full chat in hot lap around Spa-Francorchamps. We always admire owners that decide to take their supercars on a first drive in the correct environment(the racetrack) and this F12 TDF was exactly this case with the owner saving a couple of seconds through the day but at the same time never risking this unique gem!


VIDEO: Ah, The Sound Of Music — The Ferrari F12 TdF Gets A Work Out Around The Track

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