OK. So, with a couple automakers we've been seeing — for years — all-new models debut generation over generation sticking to the same formula. In theory this isn't a huge problem; however, the situation has gotten a bit dire for two automakers. Of course this is merely in our opinion.

Cadillac's Art & Science design language is dead as a doornail. And, they're not alone as Audi is running on fumes. If you look at the cars that are selling out of inventory, it's because they have presence, are boldly designed and are pushing the boundaries.

We've been told, repeatedly, that Audi's all-new head honcho of design, Marc Lichte, would help the four rings foster an era of jaw-dropping design. The first car to show this off is the next-gen A8 and I confirmed this with executives at the A4 launch in San Diego.

Now we're finally getting our first look.

As expected, the car is covered head-to-toe in camouflage but if you examine the photos, it's clear to see what lies beneath.

Examining the exterior, especially the facade, it's easy to see similarities between this design and the Prologue concept. There's just one problem. It seems to fall flat. Largely, the vehicle looks too similar to the current-gen A8 and the roofline is a rounded crescent that reminds me of the C5 and C6 A6.

These are the first shots, so, perhaps my assessment is premature. But, typically, when photos show THIS much, we expect it to have a bit of sizzle. That said, we have to pitch it to our Spies, what do YOU make of the next-gen Audi A8?

Is the Marc Lichte era of design at Audi BRIGHT or DIM?

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SPIED: This Is Your FIRST Look At The All-New Audi A8 — Is The Marc Lichte Era BRIGHT or DIM?

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