Right now we're dealing with a sport-utility vehicle frenzy. From an outpouring of compact SUVs to the all-new, latest über luxury SUVs we know one thing is true:

People want them bigger and people want all the latest equipment in them.

And after you've been in something like a supercharged Land Rover Range Rover long wheelbase model, it's easy to see why. They're exceedingly comfortable, boast excellent ride quality and can hit 60 mph without breaking a sweat. Oh, and you can go off-road or toss the kid's junk in the back without any hesitation.

But there's a new sheriff in town. That would be the all-new Bentley Bentayga. As Volkswagen's been building SUVs that can go off-road, do the luxury thing and have impressive, sports cars-like performance it certainly puts has the chance to put the big daddy Range Rover in its place.

But can it? See the conclusion from Autocar's experience, below.

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...Does the Bentayga’s do-everything status compromise it? Undoubtedly. Remove any one of the three things it’s supposed to be – luxurious, sporting and versatile cross-country – and it’d be able to do the remaining two even better. And with a V8, it might sound nicer (it’s unremarkable as it stands) and feel more agile.

But although this might not be the perfect Bentayga, it does enough to see off what is not the perfect Range Rover. Inside, the SVAutobiography feels too Accessorize diamante to be comfortable at £150k, whereas the Bentayga is entirely happy where it is. The Range Rover is a better car at a far more reasonable price. The Bentley is the only – and by definition, best – luxury 4x4. And it’d take an impressive car to beat it...

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CAR WARS! Range Rover SVAutobiography vs. Bentley Bentayga — WHO Does It Better?

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