One of the major reasons why we love going to Bimmerfest — and one of the major reasons we continue to attend — is that it really gives you a pulse of the market. Not only do we get to see and interact with the latest generation of BMW owners and lovers, we also get a glimpse into the latest trends.

Some are AWESOME and some are AWFUL. Simply put, that's how it goes.

Bimmerfest 2016

Take, for example, the trend of rusting out certain specific body panels and THEN giving it a clearcoat to protect it. Yes, protecting rust. That seems to be out this year. However, we've spotted a couple other all-new trends.

One is that folks seem to be dumping their factory LEDs for these all-new ones. Kind of peculiar since the OEM ones work great.

A second trend we're seeing is the chalkboard hood. We saw this on several vehicles at this year's Bimmerfest and it is certainly a fun concept since you can showoff your artistic side. Agent 001 just took this opportunity for some shameless self promotion by writing "AutoSpies" on the car.

I give him two thumbs up.

That said, check out what caught OUR eye at Bimmerfest, below!

Bimmerfest 2016

#BIMMERFEST: DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! The Things That Caught OUR Eye From The BIG Event!

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