So, it was only last week that Audi debuted its all-new A5 and S5 coupe. While the changes were pretty much the very antithesis of climactic, I do think the initial shots depict a cleaner and more mature looking design.

We're looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh to ultimately judge for ourselves.

But, of course, I think I speak for all enthusiasts when I say we're very intrigued as to how the upcoming RS5 will look. We've already spotted it undergoing testing and we're betting on a 450-500 horsepower output. With cars like the BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S out and about, the competition is strong. Audi typically isn't one to walk away from a challenge.

Though I did share with you one artist's interpretation of what the next-gen RS5 could look like, I figured it couldn't hurt to see yet another. So, feast your eyes, Spies!

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Yet Another Take On The Audi RS5 — Are You HOT or BOTHERED?

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