One of my friends from high school recently found a lovely note attached to his BMW. Posted on his Facebook page, he showed the contents of the note to the world. While he wasn't seemingly doing anything wrong, it appears that someone took his vehicle choice and small modifications to heart. 


Take, for example, his vehicle's tinted windows. And the fact his Bimmer does not have a front plate. 


In New Jersey it's necessary to have these items; however, there's plenty of people that decide to go their own way. Why, you ask? Because they can. 


I am not sure what would make someone think it's OK to write someone this rather lengthy note aside from mental illness. That said, this is how it reads — if you can't read distressed writing. 


Hey Asshole,


1) Where's your front license plate?! It is NJ law! No one is exempt! You aren't anymore special than any other driver! You got two for a reason!


2) Your window tint is also illegal! Let me know when the cops pull you over!!


3) BMW = "Bring My Wrench"

      "Break My Wallet"


Drive a real car!


So, I guess that settles it. In New Jersey you too can be persecuted for merely the choice of wheels and mods you pick.


Have you ever seen anything like this?

Hey, A$#!%*#! BMW Owner Receives Colorful Letter On His Ride From

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