It’s one thing to issue complaints with an auto manufacturer if you’ve had a problematic vehicle. It’s another to go onto a forum and lambast the company responsible. And it’s another to trash it with a sledgehammer. 


But, you know the Australians. If you get them riled up and supply them with a pint of Fosters, there’s no telling what will happen. 


So it’s no surprise to us that a couple who owned a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Dodge Journey decided to hold an event and destroy their problematic vehicle. But rather than use a hammer or set it on fire they went a different route. They employed the use of a tank and crushed the damn thing. To us, that sounds like fun. 


Here’s where things get peculiar though and we have a bit of finger pointing. The owners insist that FCA was not being responsive to their requests for help. FCA, on the other hand, makes a pretty good case for itself as the vehicle was purchased in 2011, driven over 100,000 kilometers and had no “evidence provided by the owners to substantiate these claims.” 


That said, we want to know: WHO’s side are YOU on? The customer OR FCA?

After purchasing this car new for over $40,000 and then fighting for 3 long years for justice, owners Joe and Kate were DONE with their unreliable, unsave Dodge Journey.

They couldn't trust it to transport their family safely, but couldn't bring themselves to sell it to another unsuspecting customer, so the RAN A TANK OVER IT!

The importer, Fiat Chrysler Australia tried all the dirty tricks to make this go away, including writing to the media and some politicians, telling them that the vehicle had not been inspected. We confirmed that they had the vehicle 3 months before this event to inspect it and at the time all they offered was to fix the DVD player and replace an engine mount! (seriously!)

The owners suddenly got a call offering another inspection 3 days before the event (after pleading with them for 3 years), we suspect they were just trying a stalling tactic to stop the event from happening.


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WHO’s Side Are YOU On? Customers DESTROY Their Dodge Journey In EPIC Fashion…

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