In the world of supercars, there's no one producing vehicles quite like Horacio Pagani. Years ago it was just a small team putting together otherworldly vehicles. Now, it's risen to an all-new level. 

While the Zonda started it all — they're still being produced for the right price — the Huayra picks up where the Zonda left off. Featuring more technology, a more refined interior and an even more powerful V12 power plant, it's a Duesey. 

But, we've only seen the Huayra in coupe form as well as the BC special model. So, now what?

A Roadster, that's what. 

While no one has seen it outside of certain VIP eyes, we know via this invitation that the car does exist and the first event has happened. The Pagani "family" is a small one. We're hoping someone sneaked some snaps though we're betting they will not see the light of day unless Horacio wants it to be unveiled. 

Check out the invite below!

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The Pagani Huayra Roadster Is REAL And We Have PROOF!

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