Across the nation today there's celebrations in cities, large and small. As July 4 is one of the US' biggest holidays of the year, this is a day to not only head to the beach, barbecue and crack a beer.

It's a day to reflect on what our founding fathers were actually doing.

This is the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the US was officially declared its own new nation. Keep in mind this was only the beginning of a long war that had this all-new nation fighting for its freedom. Can you imagine the bras on these individuals? I would think it's hard to find that kind of bravery in modern times.

We're happy and proud to call ourselves Americans here on AutoSpies. We hope that you enjoy the day surrounded by friends and family, and be careful with the celebratory fireworks. You will need your hands and fingers to drive. ;)

Happy July 4th! Today, We Celebrate America And EVERYTHING That Makes It Great!

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