As today's arguably the biggest day to celebrate the US-of-A, the Agents were thinking. And, boy, we thought hard.

If you're like us, you probably find yourself surrounded by fellow enthusiasts and chatting about cars far too often. Of course, there's the inevitable questions, like "What would your fleet look like, money no object," and "What's the best sports car for under $100k."

Because we're feeling especially patriotic today though we're a wee bit curious as to what AMERICAN cars are your favorites. Agent 001 and I have thought about this from two perspectives:

1) Which are your top three VINTAGE American vehicles?

2) Which are your top three MODERN American vehicles?

Anything's game, boys and girls.

Let us know which six American products are giving you butterflies!

'MURICA! Which THREE Vintage American Rides And Which THREE Modern American Vehicles Do YOU Love?

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