This year has been a big one for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. While the sedans are just hitting dealer lots, we're awaiting the arrival of the E-Class wagon and the debut of the all-new Mercedes-AMG E63.

It turns out though that the three-pointed star may have something else up its German sleeve. 

Though we know the E-Class wagon sells in limited numbers, it seems that the company is trying an all-new approach to spur sales. That would be the introduction of an all-new off-road-inspired variant. Considering the company's heritage with vehicles like the Unimog and G-Wagon, this isn't a stretch. The automaker can build rough and tough vehicles when it wants to. 

As of now, details remain slim on the E-Class All Terrain. Obviously like the Audi A6 Allroad it will benefit from a raised suspension but it's unclear if it will be done via steel or air. Expect more durable materials to adorn its wheel wells and expect a skid plate up front. 

This is about to get interesting!

Prototype Mercedes E-Class "All Terrain" X213 based on the S213 with higher chassis. A new estate with air suspension. Off-road vehicle with additional planking and aprons, with underride protection elements.

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