We’ve been saying it for a bit of time now, Mercedes-Benz is just killing it when it comes to delivering stunning products that connect with the market. Since the launch of the CLA-Class it doesn’t seem like the three-pointed star can do any wrong. 


Right now, Mercedes is the “hot” brand. No doubt about that. 


While 2016 was super busy with the facelift of the GLS-Class sport-utility vehicle, SL-Class roadster, all-new debut for the E-Class and others, 2017 is going to be bringing plenty of other goodies to the party. We’re pretty sure this chart is not making its competition happy. 


That’s because for 2017, this is what’s on tap:


Estimated for 1H 2017:

- E-Class Coupe

- E-Class All Terrain

- GLA-Class Coupe

- GT-R Coupe

- GT C Roadster — All-new AMG GT Roadster


Estimated for 2H 2017:

- S-Class facelift

- E-Class Cabriolet

- GT C Coupe — This is a bit of a misnomer, could it be the refreshed GT?

- Pick-up truck


Yes, you read that correctly. Mercedes is actually going to ship a pick-up truck. Considering how much love the Ford F-150’s higher trim levels are getting this is not a complete miss. What will be interesting to see is how the three-pointed star approaches it. Will Mercedes go more rugged and Unimog like or take the high road and stuff it with luxury accoutrements?

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