Now it's one thing to see a fully restored, gorgeous vintage automobile. It's another to see what it looks like BEFORE it goes into the shop.

In some cases automobiles really need just a good spit shine, the replacement of trim bits and what not. In this case, it is essentially a barn find as it was coated in a nice layer of dust and was missing key components. You know, the engine, transmission and instrument panel.

Elvis' BMW 507

With SO many 507s built, it must have been an easy restoration, right? That was sarcasm.

Having said that, we wanted to share with you some truly spectacular images that BMW AG shared with us. Not only are these historical pictures cool to see, the images of the vehicle as it was found in a pumpkin warehouse and transported back home to Germany are fantastic ways to document this 507's history.

Well done, BMW!

Elvis' BMW 507

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