Though I am sure many gearheads would rather put a Ferrari or Lamborghini in their garage when it came to owning an exotic, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d want a McLaren. After driving both the 650S and the all-new 570S, I have to say that the company really does excellent work.

So, after the launch of the 675LT and 675LT Spider, it seems as though it would be tapped out with this chassis, right? WRONG! Turns out that the Brits have yet another trick up their sleeve.

And that’s where McLaren Special Operations’ (MSO) division comes into play. With the MP4-12C the company did build a High Sport (HS) variant but it was extremely limited. Turns out that lightening can strike twice. Set to trump the 675LT, the 688 HS will dial up the aerodynamics, power and go on a diet. According to the latest reports, it will have an output of 679 horsepower and as seen in the images will get an air scoop, venting over the front wheels, carbon fiber canards and a large rear spoiler inspired by the P1 GTR. In addition it will lose nearly 90 pounds — that’s a lot in an already light vehicle.

The latest information suggests that 25 units will be built and that all are spoken for. As of now there’s no official word from McLaren.

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LEAKED! McLaren’s MSO Division Concocts The 688 HS — FIRST Pic Here!

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