Driving a Ferrari is a wonderful thing. Driving a race-prepped Ferrari must be an experience.

That's because it's taking the standard Ferrari experience and dialing it up to 11, much like This is Spinal Tap. It's lighter, louder and, obviously, more hardcore. I am pretty sure the Challenge-spec racers that are sold for the Challenge racing series are not road legal.

But, our friend Doug Demuro decided that it would make for good video to drive a 430 Challenge race car. On the street.

Anyone reading this that has experienced a car with a racing-spec suspension knows that there are 1,000 things wrong with that idea. Hell, even Demuro knew. That said, he did it anyway.


Well, sometimes you just have to know what it's like. Also it's not every day that anyone hands over the keys to their race-spec Ferrari and says "give it a go." This is what happened...

I drove a Ferrari F430 Challenge race car on the street. Here's what happened.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: THIS Is What It's Like To Drive A Race-Prepped Ferrari On The Street

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