After Mercedes-Benz resurrected the Maybach brand in the 2000s and we saw the sub-brand flounder, we were a bit surprised to see the three-pointed star give it another jolt to life. It's been fairly interesting to see how Mercedes went about giving it a new life and, frankly, I have to admit I've been seeing quite a few S600 Maybachs around New York City — far more than Flying Spurs and Ghosts, for that matter.

So, now what? It seems that Maybach may have something else under consideration. That would be a coupe.

Teased last week for the first time, a swoopy and quite long Maybach coupe came onto the scene. In the dark image it's hard to see what's what with exception of the super long hood and bullet-like cabin.

To me it's reminiscent of old-school cars from the 1930s and 1940s. I like it. It's decadent, which is what the Maybach brand is all about, no?

Just released is an all-new teaser for this Pebble Beach-bound concept vehicle. For the first time we're getting a look at its rather toothy smile.

...The Pebble Beach model is a pure design concept so won’t directly spawn a production car, but its two-door coupé body suggests that the Mercedes-Maybach division will one day start to produce more sporting vehicles...

...Mercedes has been tight-lipped about its plans for Maybach’s future, but sales boss Ola Källenius
suggested to Autocar earlier this year that the brand would follow its parent company in the pursuit of a zero-emission future...

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TEASED! Mercedes' All-New Maybach COUPE Gives Us A Toothy Smile

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