Over the weekend I wrote a little story about the all-new Mercedes-Maybach concept that’s set for a Pebble Beach debut. Known for hosting one of the most exclusive and serious Concours d’Elegance events, the Pebble Beach show has been home to some stellar concept debuts.

We don’t think this will be any different.

As of now there’s been two teaser images shared with the public. The first is a side profile shot that really shows off the car’s enormity. The second image displays the vehicle’s “toothy smile,” as I call it.

Now there’s an all-new video to join the mix. Circulated via Instagram, the three-pointed star is making a helluva splash in this clip. That’s because even more gets revealed and there’s quite an eyeful of details. Note the choice in wheel, check out the rear taillight and how can you miss the Gullwing doors?

If there’s one word to describe what Mercedes is bringing to the table, “decadent” is it.

We’re thinking it will be coupe inspired by the big body styles of the 1930s with a modern twist a la Gullwing doors and an electric powertrain.

First appearance in Pebble Beach on 18th August 2016

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