I am pretty confident that when it comes to Singer Vehicle Design there is no such thing as hyperbole. That’s because its products are bar none the best restomods we’ve ever seen. The detail is absurd. These 911s are works of art.

And, as you would expect, the company is bringing not one, but two, cars to Monterey Car Week. This is the first.

Monterey Car Week

The Luxemburg Targa is going home to Minnesota where its owner will also be adding a Singer Vehicle Design coupe — see the next thread for more detail on that car. Painted a bright orange, its guts features a unique tartan interior. There’s seven, count ‘em, seven colors of leather woven together.

The top is a removable carbon fiber piece that benefits from a navy canvas covering, but the car also comes with a factory folding black top. Talk about having choices, folks!

Can YOU spot the other mods that make this Targa unique?

Last, but not least, this Singer is equipped with a 4.0-liter flat six-cylinder meaning it churns out an impressive 390 horsepower.

Monterey Car Week

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