As a Spy pointed out in the last thread, Tesla has been getting more aggressive with its deal-making promotions. The latest is a special offer on the Model S and Model X until September 12.

Tesla is offering the Model S and X for $593/month. That's a very aggressive deal considering what the BMW 3 and 5-Series price in at. In addition, think about the Mercedes-Benz C and E-Class, the Audi A4 and A6, and the Lexus GS.

Now, our friend and AutoSpies user, mre30 made this point in the last thread; however, I've got a different one to make. He is in the market for an all-new luxury vehicle priced in that ballpark. I, on the other hand, am not.

I also am somehow in Tesla's CRM system and received this note. Given that I've been in a Tesla precisely one time where I looked at the 2017 Model S in a 30-second walkaround and immediately left, I find this a bit perplexing.

Maybe I filled out a form on the Tesla website? I don't recall.

To me this makes it clear that the company is extending its arms to any and all potential customers. Could it be because the company has hit its stride? Could it be because the company is desperate to move units?

What say you, Spies?

TSLA Gets More AGGRESSIVE With Its Deal Making — 00R Left Wondering What This Means...Exactly

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